With innovative ways to make your event a huge success, Simply Sweetalicious specialises in elegant designs that enhance the ambience of your occasion, offering stunning displays with a wild selection of sweets. We can cater for any number of guests right from 50 to 1000 with packages as low as £85, and you will be always assured of the best possible service to match the quality.

Our team will deliver and set up at your venue, offering services from 3–6 hours depending on your requirements. Alternatively, you can hire the cart or Ferris wheel only. Our prices are very reasonable, and most packages incorporate the setup, sweets, tongs/scoops, standard sweet bags, decorations and attendants.

We supply all the popular retro sweets including bonbons, flying saucers, shrimps, laces, milk discs as well as the modern varieties you see today. Any sweets left over will be yours to keep to be enjoyed at your leisure.